Curriculum Management Software Comparison — Compare Curriculog, Smart Catalog, and Clean Catalog

If you're shopping for curriculum management software for your college or university, these are probably the options you're looking into. Here's a breakdown of the features they offer.

Disclaimer: This page is brought to you by Clean Catalog, so it is biased — but we still think it does a good job of laying out the strengths and weaknesses of curriculum management software providers.

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Clean CatalogCurriculogSmart Catalog
Customizable Approval WorkflowsXXX
Initial Workflow Buildout Done for You for No Additional CostX
API to Integrate with Campus SystemsXXX
Seamless Integration with Course CatalogXXX
Syllabus ManagementXXX
Free Design and Tech CustomizationsX
Workflows and Editorial ManagementXXX
SSL/HTTPS Security by Default on All SoftwareX

Pricing Structure Comparison

Clean Catalog offers free migrations from Acalog and Smart Catalog, typically at a lower annual cost.

Exact pricing for each provider varies, but Clean Catalog curriculum management software typically has a significantly lower annual cost than Curriculog and Smart Catalog — and no startup fee.


  • Annual fee
  • Startup fee
  • Separate fees for catalog and curriculum management software

Smart Catalog Curriculum Management

  • Annual fee
  • Startup fee

Clean Catalog Curriculum Management Software

  • Annual fee
  • No startup fee
  • One low fee for integrated catalog and curriculum management software
  • Handbooks included for no additional cost

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